I want to make a first person game that's actually third person

So I kind of have this idea in my head where I want a camera attached to the head bone of a character model, and have it be set like third person. But I’m having a bit of trouble trying to figure it out. I kind of want it to act like how Arma 2 is, being able to hold alt and freely look around and what not, I just want to achieve the feeling like you are actually part of the world and not a free floating camera.

Also, another off bit that may not make sense, but how does the logistics of this sound, would it be possible to have kind of like a “chain link” between two bones, say the left hand and a weapons front grip, if enough pressure or damage, the chain will break lose and the hand will fall free of it. Say in the scenario, you fall down from an explosion, this chain will break from the damage, and your guy will lose control of the weapon.

You’re talking about what’s commonly referred to as “True First Person”.
Take a look at what Kris Redbeard made for UDK, it’s pretty much what you’re looking for.

Hey, that’s me.

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