I want to make a cylinder disappear on collision with a character

I have a third person character in my project, and would like to make a cylinder object disappear when you walk into it. I am new with UE4.
Here’s what I have so far:

Thanks in advance for any help.

Create Blueprint

Open it

Go to viewport

add collision box component

scale it

add cylinder component

scale it

go to event graph

event actor begin overlap node - cast to thirdpersoncharacter - destroy actor

see image for help

I would use a simple overlap event. The answer below is a good way to go. If you need help with overlap events and setting up their collision properties you can check out this video. I go in depth on all kinds of overlap settings.

Also, if you are new to UE4 you might find these tutorials helpful for getting a good foundation in blueprints down.

Sounds good! If you actually go through all of these I think you’ll have a pretty good foundation to build off/ understand other more complex tutorials. Feel free to comment any questions you have I’ll usually respond within a day or 2.

Thanks! It worked perfectly, and I can do it with other objects which is really handy.

I’ll check them out. The playlist looks really good, as most tutorials I’ve done only cover one thing and I was looking for a full basics tutorial. Thanks.