I want to make 3D shorts using UE HELP!!

So I’m looking for making 3D animated shorts and need your HELP/Advice:
I use 3ds max and I’m new to UE. I want to create medieval looking short movies using UE.
My question is How can I integrate tools in market place for making medieval stories.

Something like Kingdom Come: Deliverance
This is what I need:
Character creation system (head-body-armor-weapons)
Dialogue and character interaction system to make characters talk and show emotions
Combat system (sword-dagger-axes-spear-archer)
Environment effects (blood-water-fire-rain-smoke)
Playback system with the ability to slowdown or speed up the playback and control the camera
Save replay
Start screen and menus
AI system for Enemies

The IDEA is that:
I create new character and save him. Then start new level and choose one character from saved ones.
Then the game/level starts and I control my character to walk talk and act some stored animations (taunts like press button)
Then he faces enemies and use the combat system to create fight scenes.
Then at the end Save the replay for custom playback in which I control different cameras 1st person/3rd person/Free Cam
I want to be able to switch between playback options like slow/normal/fast
Thanks for your HELP