I want to love the engine for mobile...

…but it’s hard to do so when the engine doesn’t seem to properly support even the basic things like in-app purchases and push notifications which are fairly essential to make a successful free to play game on mobile.

I have this blueprint:


And whenever I press my button to use this set of nodes, nothing happens. Literally nothing.
It doesn’t even try to establish a connection to Google Play and even the Failure pins don’t trigger. Nothing at all. I’m at a loss here because the game I’m making should come out here in December and not having in-app purchases is going to leave my business model dead in it’s track. What am I supposed to do about this?

I’ve gotten Leaderboards and Achievements to connect so why won’t this connect?

So you debugged that specific part of your code already with breakpoints/PrintString nodes?

Is the Branch called? Is this specific ButtonPress called at all?

If yes, what does the LogFiles say about the attempt?

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Where would I see this log you speak of when I press a button to test if it works?
Because nothing happens when I press any button that’s bound to the in-app purchase node and they work otherwise.

Well if you are sure that the Nodes are called (so the wires light up in debug mode, a print string before it is calling or a breakpoint is called)
then there must be some kind of response from the GooglePlayer System.

On PC, the logfiles are in the games project folder, in the “Saved/Logs” folder. I assume the folder structure on the phone looks similar, but i can’t
say for sure. Never packaged for smartphones. Still, check the project files on your phone, or where ever you are testing this build, for a log folder and files.

UE4 has a lot of error messages for SubsystemSteam, so i hope there are also some for GooglePlay when it is failing stuff.

I’ll have to take a look when I get home and see if I can find anything. It’s almost at a point where I might as well start all over in Unity or a more mobile friendly engine, and I don’t want to have to do that because I like this engine :c

I got nothing really. There is nothing in any logs about anything happening due to me pressing the button that should fire the Google Play Store event ._.

Anyone? This is pretty critical and I still have yet to see any developer from Epic address this.

  1. To get in contact with Epic, you will have more luck on the AnswerHUB in the BugReport section.
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  4. Sadly i can’t really help you here. I hoped to help you with a log, but if you can’t find something like that, then i can only send you to the

Don’t want to sound harsh, but It would be much easier if you followed @eXi advice… Anyway, here is my assumption:

I assume you want to make in-app purchase only if player has logged in so IF your player has logged in then “**ShowExtrnalUI **” is not called and you don’t have any player controller information to pass into “make in-app purchase function”. Basically you’re passing null into this function - of course it does not work.

Also, please, set breakpoints on failure/success execution result of “make an In-app Purchase” to understand how far it goes. It will make your life easer and will help us to help you.

Experience have shown me that without bumping no one answers.
I have changed my signature and put the question on answerhub.

I have tried to put breakpoints with no results. But you have a valid point that if the player is already logged in, then there is no player controller to pass to it. I will try and change that when I can to see if that helps. It could explain why it did work one time for no apparent reason and then I didn’t get it to work again. If this works I’ll come back and thank you lots :stuck_out_tongue:

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Okay so I just tried what you suggested, and it’s fixed now. I’ll have to name a ship or something after you dude.

Cheers mate!
I’m glad it solved :slight_smile: