I want to learn/make friends who have the same interest. Help?

Ok, so here goes…I am 26, and just moved to a new state. No friends, no nothing. I decided to get UE4 because it interest me. I am self taught all the way, with no real experience. Low level coding skills, the blueprint Visual script seems cool. Anyways, if anyone is willing/wanting to help a guy out and maybe teach a little bit through Skype/ etc., that would really be fantastic. I know I sound lame and pretty much like I have no life, mostly because right now I don’t…I work, take tare of my two kids and that’s about it atm. Anyone looking for a friend, or project buddy, or someone to teach or just to show off to, I’m your guy. I know the internet can be a harsh place and I may get some bad feedback but I’m putting myself out there anyways…go easy on me.

If any of this interest you feel free to comment on this post and we can set something up. Thanks for your time.

Welcome! :slight_smile:

When you like you can add me in Skype: nasph96 -> there you can post me your questions/I will explain you the stuff :smiley:

Hey :smiley:

A warm welcome from me as well. I can offer you something pretty similar. Add me in Skype (tmuessig) if you want or just PM me. I’m happy to lend you a hand and explain a bit of stuff to get you started :slight_smile:

You guys are awesome. I didn’t expect this. I’ll definitely add you both. I am currently at work, get off at 1am EST. I usually work 10 hr shifts. Normally I work between 2pm-1am and my off days are Wednesday-Thursday, Sunday. Look forward to speaking with you both.

Welcome to UE4 the community is amazing when it comes to support :slight_smile:

if you ever wanna hangout your welcome to add me as well, im not awesome like these other people and my programming skills are … lackluster but i make a mean grilled cheese sandwich :slight_smile: Skype: Onusfox

also if you need a group to hang with i recommend dropping into the google hangouts hangouts, usually always a few of us in there during the day where we share our work and help each other out with problems and motivation so far one of the main reasons i got so far with UE4 is thanks to the hangouts group :)!

Hey, yea I’ll add you. I am not so awesome myself, but learning, and always willing to listen/learn. Thanks for the hangouts link. I’ll check it out. Added you on Skype.

…and Hangout bookmarked, lol. Thanks again everyone for being so supportive. I Agree With CNKIT, so far this place has been pretty amazing when it comes to support/meeting people with similar interest. Glad to meet you all! :slight_smile:

This thread, heh… That can happen only in the Unreal Engine community. I’ve revived a lot of help from this forum. Really fantastic people!

That’s about right, everyone so far seems pretty nice, and willing to lend a hand. Anyways was just hopping back in here to say thanks yet again and to let you know if I seem silent for a bit it is because I am still watching all the tutorial vids etc. Trying to get a grasp of things myself. I’ll try not to be too annoying with the assistance I will need. I want to make sure I do everything I can to understand things the best I can before bugging anyone for assistance. That being said, I am still glad to have met all of you and am still open to making new friends, just didn’t want to be a burden lol. :wink: