I want to learn, but dont know where to start.

Hi, im Rayge, im 14 and me and a friend want to make a game. we have some ideas that could make something great, but we dont know where to start. if anyone can link a good tutorial, or anything at all, we want to learn modelling, animation (in whatever we can do animation in) we want to learn C++ because i hear that is needed, we want to make textures for our game, we want to learn about level design, And we want to learn as much about unreal engine 4 as we can. We want to make a game with multiplayer too. like co-op.


The reason i included those is if you would prefer for it to not be here, just saying, if you HAVE to email me then do, but id prefer skype, and steam after that. of course, you can just msg me on epicgames (if thats possible)

Start with watching these videos:

I’d actually not jump into C++ right away, you can do a lot with Blueprint (and should be easier to grasp as a beginner).

For free 3D modelers, you won’t get better than Blender. Personally I prefer Maya or Max, but they can be more expensive (well Maya LT is only $30/month but the full version or 3ds Max are pretty steep).

For texturing, get Photoshop. It’s really the gold standard and most any job in the industry will expect you to know how to get around it.

Also, lots of art assets can be purchased or downloaded (royalty free) so you may want to start experimenting with 3rd party content while you get started.

Hope that helps.

Ty!!! Ill get right on that!!

I personally would recommend you to directly start with a own small game -> during the development process you will have questions. You can ask them here in the forum -> we are always here to answer you questions. :slight_smile:

Otherwise take a look those links:

Ty! We will start off with a little game. dont know what about yet, he is working on learning modelling, im working on level design.

Well, the main thing is that you are working at it! Just keep plugging away, and most of your questions will answer themselves. This community here is really great, frankly the best forum I have ever seen in my life. Mods are awesome, most of them being accomplished devs themselves.