I want to integrate chatGPT in Unreal like a website , how would you do that?

I want to integrate chatGPT in Unreal . Any suggestions?

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At the moment it isn’t really worth implementing it, because the business model will change and therefore the API as well.

If you wish to implement the API in C++ have a look here: OpenAI · GitHub. I think you have to ask them for access to the API if you wish to use it.

So better yet, ask Chat GPT on how you can implement it on an external C++ application.

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Finding out legal risks is overall good for any product you plan to make. I wouldn’t demonize technology just because it’s in “AI” category. It is kind of hot topic atm, but there are multitude of AI-based products out there that are being made and sold for years (from text-to-speech engines, through auto-captioning services to… photoshop).

I wouldn’t go for chatgpt though as it’s not intended atm to be integrated. Might get even banned for it. And it will be paid service soon. But one could easily connect to OpenAI API and use gpt3 directly.

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More of this, but it’s not limited to tech industry. Nothing new here really.

If there will be some kind of law introduced making those tools illegal (which I highly doubt), then the OP simply will remove that part of his work (esp. that one can only use it through API, so if OpenAI turns it off, it’s gone). Laws don’t work back in time, so nobody will come after OP. Esp. that unless OP is very rich there is no incentive even for trolls law firms to come after him, as there is very little money to squeeze from average person.

That might be the outcome, but I think it’s extremely unlikely.

Do you really believe that or are you just having fun on the forum? So far the indies benefited very much from new technologies that reduce workload.

yea, but shift lawyers can sue/harass anybody. And for this even using stores like UE Marketplace or Unity Asset Store is a legal risk. IIRC 7 days to die was taken of the steam after getting DCMAd for using asset that was ripped from the game (and I recall maybe 2 years ago Epic recalling one of the jetpack animation asset packs, which was free for the month… and ripped from some game).

If you make games or assets for sale, you are a business. There are various legal risks when you are a business.

Future can go in any way, and predicting it is very hard. But my guess is that group 1 will be having lower costs when developing the products. Group 2… depends if scrapping will be consider illegal or not. So far there are movements like this one that might make it explicitly OK. Btw. copyright is not ‘control to how everybody will use it’ right. If scrapping will become illegal than I guess google will have to shut down their search engine business as well…

2 years ago it was NFTs, last year AI image generation, this year it will be probably something else…

I was AI researcher for almost 20 years (mostly in speech and language processing areas), before switching my career to 3D/gamedev. At the moment I mostly use image generators for fun, and to generate some references or some background image, etc. I did 2 YT tutorials about how to use SD/Midjourney to make textures (maybe I’ll do more if I have time, as lot has changed in last 3 months). I am overall searching for how to best include those tools for 3D workflow, but am mostly unsuccessful atm., but it’s still fun.

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Id like it if UE5 had a custom trained LLM within UE5.