I want to increase the mass of the object. I can not remove the debris from the card./Хочу увеличить массу объекта. Не могу удалить мусор с карты


  1. Я взял из StartContent из свитка архитектура стену дома и сделал из него DestructebleActor. Проблема в том, что при любом толчке объект улетает. Не могу увеличить массу, тк в свитке физик нет массы. Точнее я не нашел. Подскажите пожалуйста как увеличить массу объекта.

  1. Работая с тем же объектом столкнулся с еще одной проблемой. После разложения на чанки, чанки не удаляются, хотя я уже очень долго “колдую” с настройками destructeble. Для большей информативности прикладываю скриншот:

  1. Еще заметил одну вещь. Пока объект на разрушен, персонаж может по нему ходить. Как только от него откалывается хотя бы один кусок, то персонаж тут же проваливается сквозь объект, при этом есть возможность что персонаж “толкнет” объект. Но то вариативно, не всегда срабатывает. Как настроить чанки чтобы персонаж не проваливался сквозь них? В частности меня интересует чтобы он не проваливался сквозь крупные куски. А маленькие - наоборот, пролетали сквозь него. Также не знаю как разделить крупные чанки, от маленьких.

Если можете - ответьте на русском языке!


  1. I took from StartContent architecture of the scroll wall of the house and made him DestructebleActor. The problem is that for every push of the object flies. I can not increase the mass, maybe, in the book there is a physicist mass. More precisely, I have not found. Please tell me how to increase the mass of the object.! [Alt text] [1]

  2. Working with the same subject was faced with another challenge. After decomposition chunks, chunks are not removed, even though I have a very long time, “conjure” with the settings destructeble. For more informative attaching a screenshot:! [Alt text] [2]

  3. Another noticed one thing. While on the subject is destroyed, the character can walk on it. Once it breaks off from the at least one piece, the character immediately falls through the object, in this case there is a possibility that the character “pushes” the object. But the variability, does not always work. How to configure chunks character does not fall through them? In particular I am interested in so it does not fall through the large pieces. A small - on the contrary, they were passing through it. Also I do not know how to share large chunks from small.

Sorry for my mistakes in writing. I do not know English perfectly. I hope you will understand. If you can? write me in Russian language!

Hi Dead_Morose,

Unfortunately, I do not speak Russian, so hopefully any translation needed will be easy to understand.

  1. Right now Mass is has a bug that will not allow it to be set for a Destructible Actor. This has been reported with UE-5642.

As a workaround you can create a Physical Material and in its properties you can change the Density to a higher value. You can then assign this Physical Material to a Material that you can assign to your Destructible Actor.

This seems to work well in most cases, but I believe there are still some issues that users have reported where this will not solve all the mass issues with the Destructible.

  1. The valid bounds that you have set up are really high. So with 500,000 units that would be equivalent to 5000 meters or 5 kilometers. It would be better to use much lower values and then scale up as needed. You can also use the Max Separation in flag and set the bounds there in place of using the valid bounds as well.

  2. For your last question, The issue here will be that since you have 1000 fractures for your mesh the chunks will be really small. The property you will need to adjust is the Large Chunk Threshold. This can be found by selecting the mesh in your level and in the Details panel you will find it under Destructible Component tab.

By default the Large Chunk Threshold is set to 25, which would be too large for a small chunk that would be created by making a 1000 chunks from that sized wall.

You did mention that you wanted the larger chunks to stick together, so with that you would want to set the Support Depth in the Destrutible Actors settings to be 1. This will allow the chunks to only break free when they receive enough damage to do so. Depending on how you’re applying damage to your Destructible you may need to adjust some other damage properties for Impact Damage, Damage Spread, or Damage Threshold.

I hope this helps.


Thank you for your detailed reply! I can not yet verify in practice. I hope that I will can happens this!