I want to incorporate UE4 Particles in an Anime.


I’m an aspiring indie anime maker who wants to create an indie 3D anime a’la RWBY.
Right now Im at the process of collecting any and all resources I might need to make a visually appealing anime.
Right now I have:

DAZ3D + Shape Reprojector for shaping humans/creatures.
Marvelous Designer for Clothes creation.
Sketchup for simple background buildings.
Ipi Mocap for motion capture.

What I would also like to get is an impressive particle system for special effects and as far as I can see UE4 has second to none.

Im not sure what kind of animation capabilites UE4 have.

What I had in mind was:

  1. Create a Flat render animation with motions and camera angles in Daz3D.
  2. Export the scene to UE4.
  3. Once again render the scene but this time all objects and backgrounds are being transparent while the particle interact/collide with them.
  4. Have 2 renders. One with the scene, the other with particles alone
  5. Layer them together in 3rd party software.

The reason I want to do this that way is because UE4 toon shaders dont really appeal to me.

Is what I plan to do feasible? Or should I go look somewhere else?