I want to import a physics simulation from 3ds max,

Hi there,I Remeber doing a physics simulation of a bridge destroying itself, and it had hundred of physics objects, all i had to do was link it to a dummy in 3ds max. import it as a skeletal mesh.

Now with that same animation in UE4 4.7 I can’t do it!? The Import as skeletal mesh is greyed out… What do i have to do to make it work, without creating bones for hundered of physics objects?

Hey Caelanim8ter,

You can check out this tutorial I did here: [TUTORIALS] Photons Be Free: Mini-tutorials and other curiosities - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums

There actually is no need to link a dummy to your object. Just bake your animation sequence to a timeline. group all your pieces and export the FBX with the animation. When you import you can just use the default settings and have your animation play. I just re-tested this with my assets in that post and everything checked out.

Let me know if you have any issues and I’ll help you look into what’s going on. :slight_smile:

O wow, thx so much, but for some reason whenever i import the mesh, If i import it the import button is greyed out… Like as in, The import button is always greyed out for some reason. So aggrivating!

Would you be able to post a screen shot of this? Also, if you have a simple physics simulation that does this can you post it as a test? I can take a better look when I get back in the office tomorrow. Something seems odd if this is the case.

Hey Tim,

Is there also a trick that would allow me to import, let’s say, a cloth animation? :slight_smile: If I animate a piece of cloth with Maya’s nCloth, is it possible to import that into UE?

Apex Cloth for Maya is crashing constantly on me and when it doesn’t, the results are all messed up in UE. Also the documentation is practically non-existent, all I could find is some stuff for Max. I guess some of my skinning options in Maya must be incorrect, but with the tool crashing every 5 minutes, it’s impossible for me to figure it out by trying different settings.

You had all that cloth stuff in UDK, it was all in engine and it was working perfectly… Which I can’t say for this Apex mess. :frowning: