I want to hire a Modder for Ark Survival evolved.

Hello. so yeah, the name of the thread says it all.
Ideally I could learn how to use the unreal engine and figure out how exactly I’m supposed to open the Ark Dev Kit now that the Desktop Shortcut doesn’t do anything, you can no longer run it in steam, AND you cant even run it threw the EPIC GAMES Launcher, and craft these mods myself, but… frankly That takes a long time and I’m a busy guy with ADHD and get discouraged easy when doing complicated computery stuff, so the odds of that ever panning out is like 1000/0.00000001, so… yeah…

Anyway, I know this has been a long introduction to the threads actual Topic, but I’m looking for an Ark Modder that’s interested in what may be a long term project. I’m talking a full conversion, but I am fine with breaking these elements up into smaller more manageable smaller mods that can all come together to form the game i want(if that will help make the tasks seem less daunting).

A couple of things though.

  1. I would like to be able to see some of your past works.

and 2. I would prefer it if you’re willing to be paid via Paypal but I’m open minded to other forms of payment if needed.

any questions you may have I will be happy to answer, and I’m also happy to negotiate on your price for the work, so feel free to IM me.

Ok, that’s it then. I hope to hear from some of you clever computer savvy types real soon.

No takers? No one has any interest?


i would suggest looking here: Ark Modding Tutorials - ARK: Survival Evolved - Unreal Engine Forums
helped me alot when it comes to making Mods for Ark.

no replies here doesn’t mean that a few PM’s haven’t changed hands lol. Sounds like fun work.