I want to have this trigger box countdown timer within a widget blueprint

  1. I have an in-game timer which is how long the player has to escape.

  2. I want to have it where once you’re in the trigger box it will show the blueprint within the image I have show.

  3. This was an idea which I got from Escape From Tarkov where you have about 20-30mins to loot and escape and when you get to one of the zones the in-game timer is counting down as well as the extraction timer and if you leave the area for extraction it will stop and the timer will reset and countdown when you go back into that specific area.

Right now I have it working perfectly the only issue is I want to place this into a widget blueprint so It can show me the extraction time counting down as well I try to set it up in the widget blueprint with the ‘Secs’ integer to a character reference it won’t plug in and I can’t seem to find the issue for it any help would be apricated thanks.

Hi there!!

First of all…you are creating a new instance of the widget and adding to the viewport every second. you must create the widget and add to the viewport once… even before the overlap so you have the widget always in the screen. Also put your widget in a variable so you can access it anytime.

here is a video with the process hope it helps :slight_smile:
Good luck!


Right now you are creating the widget every time you add a value to your timer. I would suggest adding the timer widget on begin play.

You can make well functioning and precise timer, that takes frame drops into consideration:

To stop and reset this timer, you can add a simple check to see if the player is within the trigger box.

Inside the widget you can cast to your player and access the timer variable that way:

Hi Just tried it and it worked thank you!!! Another question is I don’t want the 10 seconds to be always showing I only want it to show when the player is in the trigger box It shows up similar to ‘Escape From Tarkov’ when extracting out of the game. (Also following your video the thank you for that visual representation :slight_smile: adding that bit of coding did not affect my existing coding within my trigger box blueprint)

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dont add to viewport on begin play. just add on begin overlap

and when ends overlap you can remove from parent


remember to put reset the counter if needed.

Like this? But then I have AI and whenever they collide the timer pops up for a split second (I’m not that good at blueprinting just letting you know haha)

Then this error comes up as well.

no…don’t put create widget there…that must be done in the beginplay event (just run once to create it and store it.

when you want to show it just take the variable and add to viewport.

The displayed message is not an error, is a waning…and is very clear: you are trying to add to the screen something that is in the screen already