I want to get into gaming industry

hi all, my name’s simeon I’m from London.

new to the forum and unreal engine.

might sound like a cliché but since I was a kid I’ve wanted to get involved in the game industry, I have literally no experience in unreal engine or any other for that matter and I’m 26 years old. I’ve always wanted to be involved in making AAA games, I want to be in the big studios, right now I have some time on my hands so basically want to know where to learn as much as possible so I can understand the process of making a big title better and find where my place would fit in a studio.

also, does anyone on here have advice as to after I’ve gained some skills and feel like I want to get involved in some projects where I would be able to find people to work with on projects so that we can showcase our talents together and help us in our journeys as to where we individually want to go.

don’t know how to code but done a lil playing about with blueprints just following some of the basic tutorial videos on unreal engine but would it be recommended to learn c++ over blueprints?
is going to school to learn game design the right way to go, I don’t have sufficient qualifications to get into university so I would probably have to go and get a levels I’m unsure of the American equivalent?
not very good at drawing if that’s a big thing.
the reason I want to get involved in the games industry is because since maybe ps3 I’ve noticed a massive decrease in the production of games of the single player linear story type that I used to love, I loved games like the getaway on the ps2 and the original saints row, max payne of course gta 3, san andreas, vice city, and so many other titles that I just don’t see modern equivalents of.

I bought a pc with 32gb ram a nvidia 3080ti and a core i9 so i hope my pc is up to scratch for game development?


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are you saying i should learn those things? i clicked on the post and i saw someone post saying they recommended the person volunteered for someone on the forum is that a good way to get started?

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Yes :slight_smile:

not trying to be annoying, did you mean i should learn those things or did u mean i should just get stuck into the forum and start volunteering and networking?

Hi @simeongeorge , just want you to give my opinion on the topic.
I dont know your background, but it is always good to have some knowledge if you want to make something. As someone who worked almost his whole life with computers i know they always search a specialist in bigger companies, even i din´t worked myself in the game industrie.
So i would guess picking a direction you like to go would be a good idea in the first place.

And with unreal you have an easy start, i would just play around with the blueprints to find out if you like it. They are really easy to use and you find lots of information and help for it.

thanks for advice. I think from here im just going to follow tutorials on how to do stuff till i start finding what im good at and then maybe try to get involved in a project and see how my role fits in a group and then hopefully keep getting more and more involved till i have a lil portfolio and see where i can go from there. thanks guys.