I want to get a partnership with playstation, but I am a one man development studio...afraid they might deny me

I am did everything I need to apply to playstation for the partnership to make ps4 games, I became a corporate entity got a domain and a non public email and am getting a static IP…i’m just a little worried that what if they deny me? I am only one guy and i don’t have any employees or team mates. I can do everything myself and studied 14 hours a day for 4 years so i can try to do this. Does anyone have any advice or insights for me? thank you

I think if you meet there requirements that they written they should accept you, at worst case scenerio they will deny you… no body gonna kill you so don’t be scared :stuck_out_tongue: Your chances rises if you actually have something to show, with UE4 you can work on game without needed to have PS4 licence, your game should work it out of the box as long as you not use Windows or PC only stuff and remember to make it work with game pad. Once you have something and ongoing project, you can try again and you can always release game on PC.