I want to create the wall from Game of thrones

Hi all

I want to create the wall from game of thrones. Im a newbie to Unreal engine and i have some experince in Zbrush but not much.

Going for something like this.

How would i go about to make something that big and making it look seamless?

I have tried to find tutorials on glaciers, snow rocks etc etc, i havent found anyting.

You guys got some ideas?

This is more of a Photoshop question than it is a Unreal one. You want to ensure that the left part of the texture connects to the right. This way you can place multiple walls together - instead of one giant one which could consume more texture memory.

Something like this?

make 2 landscapes and rotate one 90 degrees for being the wall. you can add static meshes for the snow/rocks at the seam and also use the landscape tools to create holes in them for the tunnel.

Make a big ol plane in Blender, sculpt it, and paint it in either blender or UE4