I want to create Admin Tools

I’m hosting a server, am somewhat new to Modding and want to create some tools to help Administer the server. I currently use the Admin Pack (ref 741965003) which is a crown that looks like goggles which gives infinite stats, god mode, 50k health, infinite weight & a gigantic craft speed boost. Based on this I know that admincheat abilities can be triggered by equipping items but I cannot figure how.

There must be some “onEquip” trigger associated with items but I’m not sure what resource file I could use and modify to create admin features. I’d like to create and admin sword that would give flight when equipped or a shield that gives ghost mode. This way I could swap out gear to quickly invoke admin abilities while staging an event on my server.

If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

You could use custom buffs to replicate this without cheats. Just make sure there is no engram and the item has to be spawned in, unless you want to learn how to do admin only engrams. Look at how something like a repellant works, or maybe the enduro potion, anything really. The repellant will show you how to “ghost” kind of.

My goal is to create admin only engrams so I could quickly switch between effects without having to tab and enter a command. I haven’t seen an option to apply a Buff to a weapon but did note them for Armor and Consumables. It appears that Consumable Buffs may be a good way to go if I cannot replicate admin. WRT the Invisibility the goal is to be invisible to players so I can manipulate the environment around them and I think the repellant is a PvE type of invisibility.

Thanks for the tip though, I’ll take a jog down that path.

I would assume that the weapons are the same as with armor, just enable the buff when equipped (should be able to remove the buff when unequipped). This way, whatever buff the admin wants, you tie to one piece of let’s say armor, allowing for the stacking of buffs with the ease of picking which one(s) to use.

The “Buff to Give Owner Character” on items ONLY works for consumables.
For weapons or items like armor, you would need to create some graph logic that triggers from the “Event Blueprint Equipped” event (for armor) or “Event Begin Play” (for weapons) to add your main buff. “Unequipped” for both to disable.
On the main buff, simply add some input keys that will toggle the other buffs like weight, speed etc.
The bug repellent lowers the aggro range on certain dino’s so you can get closer before they aggro. It does NOT actually make you invisible. For that you would need to use a “toggle” or “set visibility” node for the character mesh. However, keep in mind that even if the mesh is set invisible, I’m pretty sure the dino’s will still “sense” you which is why you’d want to make a repellent too.

I’ve toyed with a few ideas regarding this, and I thought it’d be a neat idea to use armor skins, so that the players using these buffs could retain their armor status while benefiting from the buff. I’ve been able to successfully add a buff to armor when equipped, and remove it when unequipped. Heck, I’ve even got the buff disabling if the skin is removed and the armor is kept on. However, what I cannot figure out, is what notification is used when a piece of armor with a skin is equipped. The skin is consumed and I feel this is my setback. Blueprint Equipped doesn’t fire (ever, seemingly) for the skin. Using BP Drag Onto Item doesn’t last beyond initial drag, so you can’t equip it in your inventory then equip the armor to receive the buff.