I want to create a simple multiplayer game

I’m really interested in programming video games, but to be honest I’ve given it a try before(learning I mean) and I couldnt seem to figure anything out. From what I understand… you can do something with just some models(with animation clips) and simple scripts. I wanted to make a game similar to the “Worminator” game from the “Tornado Twins”(which you can check out on youtube(type in Worminator Tornado Twins.)

The first thing I want to do is get some models with animation clips. Then I want to create scripts for movement and animation and firing projectiles and getting hit by the projectiles and subtracting health and respawning. After that is all done I want to make it multiplayer.

If you check out the worminator game from the tornado twins you will see that the models in that video are not animated with animation clips… nor is it multiplayer. I think I can figure out how to make some simple scripts for movement and animation and the combat(which is basically just projectiles and getting hit and subtracting health and respawning.)

… but I don’t think I can figure out the multiplayer. I was wonering if someone could just show me a simple way to make a game where the players can connect the host and be given their character.

This package is very good.
It’s 20 bucks and gives you a fleshed out MP game.

It looks like a little bit too much for me to work with, I’d rather have just something as simple as I described. Perhaps I could take it to the LFW section and see if someone could make me a project. For much more than 20 dollars perhaps 200.

I like how you copy pasted same text on Unity forum :slight_smile:
Oh and what you described is not that “simple”. I would recommend to start with something actually simple. Some single player 2d side stroller game maybe.

Something isn’t really made multiplayer. It is made as multiplayer. There are quite a few differences you have to do to make your game multiplayer that you don’t have to do on a single player game.

Well alls I want is some rigged and animated characters that move and shoot and jump. And yeah I want it to be multiplayer.

I’m sure you can find most of the models on the market. For example:
But multiplayer is a whole different story. What everybody is trying to tell you, not only here but on several other forums where I saw your post, is that to make multiplayer you need to know programming (at least basics). Models and rigid animation can only take you so far, trust me I’m a 3D modeler and not a programmer.

So, my HONEST advice would be, lower your expectations and start making simple stuff. Last but not least figure out who you want to be, meaning programmer, modeler, animator, level designer, sound designer etc. etc. You can’t be all in one, believe me, I tried.
Good luck with your project!

I just need characters that look good with some basic materials with simple animation clips… I know how to make them move and jump and shoot but I don’t know anything about multiplayer this might help

I don’t need any help I can make them myself… but yeah that looks pretty intense… I just want to stick to basic CG… nurbs in a hierarchy to polygon then materials and rig and create clips and export as fbx

Here’s a script I have so far it is for a character that moves/jumps/shoots/gets hit and takes damage/dies/respawns. I don’t have the translate set to any specific vectors because I’m not sure what x/y/z are in the series nor am I sure how big the integers have to be. Its also not for any specific engine.

I want a script that will connect the clients to the server and give the players control of certain game objects.

The unreal engine YouTube channel has a few good intro videos to networking. It all boils down to deciding who should do what and what the clients should know. Really you won’t be able to learn anything by asking on the forums without trying to do something yourself.

Load up the first person template and hack some things together. Don’t have a model of a gun? Then don’t worry about it, just focus on your gameplay.

I don’t think I follow anymore on what you need help with!
You asked about rigged and animated characters, than you’re saying you can do it yourself.

If you need help with multiplayer aspect of the game, as I stated earlier you need at least some knowledge in programming.
So I would strongly recommend starting something simple and work your way up.
Here is a good video on that subject: Introduction to Programming | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube


Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Check out my last post I edited it to include the script and inquire about a multiplayer script.

-If you want to make a character and animate it get blender it’s free and learn the 10000 tuts that you have for it.
-If you are trying to script bla bla learn Blueprints , very easy to learn it with the amount of tuts it has.
Stop saying what you need and start learning, if you don’t understand by learning yourself hire a tut like Tesla or someone . THE END

If you want multiplayer than use as a host : open level1?listen and as a client open IP address it’s that easy to connect multiplayer to replicate things is the hard part

I mean like how much could I pay someone 1. to take my script 2. revise it for an engine 3. make a script to connect the clients to the server and give the players control of characters with this script attached to it 4. revise my same script again to work with the multiplayer script