I want to create a Maze and rotate it with the mouse

Hi! i try to make a game (my first game) where i try to get a ball out of a maze, but i dont really know where to start or what kind of blueprint to use, please can someone guide me?

Here, check this out. It’s old, but I just opened it in 4.21 and it works.

I’ve included my notes. Be aware they’re notes on HOW TO GIVE THIS AS A LIVE DEMO, and they kinda assume that you know pretty much what you’re doing already, so don’t think they’re going to be a Super Nice Please Hold My Hand Because I’m Scared Tutorial™.

But it should get you WAY more than started.


Oh, and here’s a livestream where I was showing it off:

Ignore that it looks different. It's the exact same game. I just couldn't include the stuff from a Marketplace pack I didn't own. :)

Also this: you just got SUPER LUCKY. I wouldn’t expect this sort of thing to happen often. :smiley:

Wow you are the actualZak! no pun intended, i really apreciate your help, i really wanna get in the industry, and i am learning by myself, so thank you Zak