I want to create a damage system using weapon ray tracing

Please Can someone help me in building a damage system in which different body parts of my zombie enemy will react with different level of damage like headshot for example.I have seen many tutorials but none seem to fully answer my query because i am using ray traces as my weapon projectile so i want these ray traces to do the damage.Please help me soon.Thanks In Advance !

The trace result should give you access to the bone you’ve hit.

You just have to write some custom routine that evaluates the damage multiplier for each bone.
For example, when bone is head, multiply damage by 4.

This only works if you are using SkeletalMeshes though, and you have to trace against something that would hit a SkeletalMesh.

I was kind of expecting a full tutorial because i am a little bit of a kind of noob in ue4 so can you give me a complete tutorial or something like that to build a damage system that works on ray tracing from weapons!

Hey, here is a video that shows how to set up a simple trace weapon. Just take HitActor of the trace result and call “ApplyDamage” on it. You need to implement a health system of some sort.

So you could cat the OutActor to a pawn, and if the the cast is successful, apply damage to it.