i want to become a good level designer

hi friends
i work with 3d max for game modeling and use game engine for level design but i am a amateur in leve design
how i can become good level design ?? can you introduce me a good book for level design tutorial ?

Hi Orache,

A good website to look at for level design is They have a ton of detailed information and practical examples to sift through so you can truly dig deep and learn what you need.

I’m certainly no level designer but I did catch a talk that Christopher Totten did at ECGC a few years back. He did a really detailed article on concepts of level design. It’s a long read but it’ll give you some good ideas for your levels! Take a look and see if it helps you out!

Christopher Totten: Designing Better Levels Through Human Survival Instincts

If your not in the mood to look at theory and concepts just have fun putting levels together with some basic shapes using the BSP tools for prototyping. Once you get something that feels right start replacing those with your static meshes.

If you’re not familiar with how Epic does it’s level design check out the Content Examples project from Marketplace and open the map “LevelDesign_workflow.” You’ll see how we use BSP for prototyping and then move to replace with assets as we finalize the level.

Here is the accompanying video by our own senior designer, Jim Brown, who is working with the Unreal Tournament team!

Let me know if you have any questions or need pointers! :slight_smile:


I personally would also recommend you to just go out into the nature or city, because then you can get a good feeling of how everything is build up in the real world -> then take some reference shots -> try to build something similar :slight_smile:

thanks my friends