i want to be a programmer. (a newbie question)

Hi Unreal Engine Comunity.
I want to be a programmer.
I love learning new languages and software structures.
But I also like the creative area as 3D modeling. animation and level design.
Do you think I may be a good programmer and also to devote myself to these areas?

Thanks for any help.

There’s very few people that can do both really well. Even if you devote yourself just to 3D most people focus on one area of 3D like character design or environments and stuff like that.

Thanks, That helped me a lot.
I want something like this 70% programming and 30% 3D modeling, animation and level design.

I personally would concentrate either onto programming or art → but it always depends on our main goal. :slight_smile: When you are just doing it as a hobby or you just want to create a own game it shouldnt be a problem to do “everything” (programming, level design, 3d artist,…)

70% programming and 30% art should be a good combination :smiley:

Just start learning and making games! If you’re by yourself you don’t have a choice, you have to become a programmer! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it sounds like you want to be a Tech Artist :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, i know.
i cant do everything by myselft

I have a small team.
Jan: 3d modeller and animator
Daniel: Audio Design
Mario: Level designer.
Andres: Musician
David (Me): Programmer
My team is good or something is missing?

tech artist? what is it?
I just want to have knowledge of 3D and able to help with that.
i want to be a programmer, but I also want to use the graphic engine, model in 3D or by making animations (Giving priority to programming)

Programming is not rocket science. I am primarily into art, but I can also prototype a game. When I someday make something serious, I will get the programming wiz’s to take care of the core functions, though.
The level of programming skills needed to successfully make prototypes etc, however, is accessible to mostly anyone.

If you like programming, I would focus on with that for now. Easier to learn art later than programming IMO.

im primarily a programmer, though ue4 c++ is taking a while to get into.
in many instances it helps to be able to model/rig/animate/ect a ‘placeholder’ so you can test your code and/or develop custom things (tech artist?).
when everything is working as you want you can then work with a ‘real’ modeler. he/she can use your prototype model as a template. it saves countless hours as you dont have to wait for the modeler to add or change things every time you make progress in the code.
in the end its really a personal choice, what do you prefer to do?

It takes years to become adept (and I will never use the word ‘master’ here because that implies there is a skill ceiling) at either medium. Focus on one as a primary and consider the other a hobby.

Currently I could do every area of 3D professionally (except animation, but that’s because I don’t spend much time with it when not necessary) but am primarily a rigger or technical artist. Years ago I got into programming to aid my rigging and become a technical artist, and I never stopped. Now the only things I can’t do in making a game is the audio and perhaps server programming beyond any development version.

It took me 7 years to get here and my programming still needs a lot of work.

The main thing you will discover if you get to this stage is that it’s pointless in some regards, unless you’re using both skills regardless of which medium you are working in (such as technical art) because you will never have the time to do all the art and coding in any half decent game unless you stop working to pursue your own projects or can maintain focus and interest for a very long amount of years.

For little projects/games though you can have a lot of fun when you know both areas.