I want to ask for confirmation

So…im in my 8th Semester of my term and i want to ask you guys, do you guys find lot of Startegy TurnBased Tutorial? im still a newbie and stuff and hasnt even made any Application or some in Unreal Engine, but for my paper for graduation, i want to make a tutorial and a prototype game of Startegy Turn Based Multiplayer that everyone can use and view as a basic tutorial.

I got a lot too learn and still researching now, and seeing that i dont really find a lot of Turn-Based Startegy multiplayer game type (there are some that i found , but i cant seem to really see the final result or youtube doesnt give me a lot of result, Maybe its just my mistake of key word and stuff also). so my main reason is because i dont find many tutorial about Turn Based Multiplayer startegy Turn Based game and i would like to help people by making the prototype of the game and the tutorial.

So my Question : Do you guys feel like that there are less tutorial about turn based startegy games??

Im sorry for my bad english , its kinda hard to Point what im trying to make, and trying to find some data, but that;s the best i could on how to write it. i hope that it makes sense