I want to add a new resource to the game...can i get some help pls?

im trying to add a chance for players to get a new resource when they hit a metal rock but also keeping the chance there for them to get metal and stone. which files would i go through to edit and add my new resource to the metal rocks

Hey Bradley,

You would want to grab just this one file I believe; MetalHarvestComponent. Please do note, that in addition to this, you would need to essentially paint in the modified new metal nodes with the foliage tool on a map (it could be theisland, or a custom map). This is one of the more tedious small changes to make in the ADK due to that. Hope this helps clear things up a bit. Let me know if you have any further questions (feel free to PM me, as I’ve been pretty slammed with IRL stuff recently, and don’t get on the forums as much as I’d like to as of recent, so I might miss a response on this thread).