I Want to 2D animate, how should I go about it?

Hello there,
I am an Indie developer working on a game where 2D animation is required for certain actions, however, I do not have the skill or the programs to do so. Are there any first time tips I should know? And what program should I use? I would preffer a free program as I am on a low budget.
Darcy, CEO DarkoEntertainment.

You could either draw everything by hand (so each frame of the sprite animation) or do it in a 3d program with bones - then during the animation take pictures of it - use it as a flipbook :slight_smile:
e.g you could use gimp (when you paint them) or blender (when you do it with bones)

Excluding the learning curve and going with what I know I would probably go with Daz Studio which is free to download and use what’s in the box. Since 2D animation is more Creative posing with in betweens, which is something Studio does, then it can and has been used to make sprite sheets.

Licensing wise since you are only generating 2D images so your licensed in hand with what ever you get for free or at a relatively inexpensive cost.

The other option would be to do it all in 3d and the shoot the sheet using an orthographical camera and tada 2D

To give better advice though we really need to know exactly what you mean by “2D animation is required for certain actions” as you might be able to set up the perspective directly in UE4.

Give this one a look: