I want my character to drop a pickup when it dies

Hey guys, I’m working on a project and I have a fire that kills the player when they walk into it. However, how do I make it so the character drops a pickup when he dies? I’m fairly new to Unreal, so anything helps!

You want to create a pickup class for the object the player drops; and Spawn Actor from Class at player’s location just before they die.

i agree. if you have something like a damage system then you would have a check to see if the players health is less than 0, then you would have if true spawn actor from class (spawn pickup), and finally the destroy actor(character) or whatever which represents the player death (ragdoll, disable input, etc).

You could easily create a function that checks player health every time damage is taken and within that function if the health is ever < 0 do as the above answer/comment state and spawn an actor (the pick up) before destroying the player. If you need help creating functions check out video #6 in this tutorial series. It also has a bunch of other videos that may be useful to you if you are fairly new to the engine.