I want my character model to look at where the camera is looking, can someone help me with that?

First of all I am really sorry if this is the wrong place(or discussion?) to ask this but here I go.
I’m completely new to Unreal Engine 4 and currently using 4.25.3 version. I’m working on a small TPS project to get to know how do I make stuff etc. One thing I want to know how to do is making player character(pawn)'s model to look at where the camera is looking at. I’m all done with weapons and stuff and if I look behind and press shooting button the character stays same and but the gun fires where I’m looking at. Well solution to this I was thinking about making character to look where the camera is looking but I dont have any idea how and couldnt find a tutorial on internet about that. Can someone help me with it please?

Look into Aim Offset

You could be after something like this, in your character blueprint, default settings.


If this doesn’t help I can come back with another solution :slight_smile:

If I do that my complete character model rotates with camera which causes my character to appear like it’s flying or stuff. Is there a way I can prevent that from happening too?

Check out how Advanced Locomotion System V4 does it in the anim blueprint, it’s free on the marketplace. I believe this is done by sampling an animation for the character rotating head and torso left to right. You can simply retarget to this animation and integrate it into your anim BP or retarget the whole animation blueprint as is and integrate your code into it.