I want make real time 3D map

Hi I’m basic stdarter.

I would like to have information and real-time 3D maps of the map.

The information has information of the gps and Google Maps .

Can I create a real-time 3D maps ?

No, Google Maps does not have integration with UE4, also the engine does not use GPS.
These things you could add yourself but you would have to be a skilled programmer.

Depending on what type of maps you are expecting you can take topographical data and create a landscape from it, it wouldn’t be built in realtime but you could do it ahead of time. If you mean street data that is available too though I’ve never used that part myself.

GPS is available but only via direct calls to the devices capability, so you’re going to need to research what C++ libraries will help you there.

Its possible to get gps coords, but you have to code it in C++

About google maps, as darthviper107 said, its not possible right now, and its probably harder to try integrating it than making your own map tiles system.