I Want make a lobby like in paragon

see video ad 1:00 Paragon - Main Menu Interface (Free Beta) #1 - YouTube

So what exactly seems to be the problem? There is more then enough material on the subject online as it is, couple tutorials you could follow and adapt to your needs.

My suggestion would be start of with something small, like creating all the widgets and bringing them on to the screen, then coding all the functionality behind it (spawning actor when selected). Creating a Lobby like that involves a lot of things and even if you got a how to do list you are more then likely to hit a wall at some point.

Create some code first and if you have a problem you’re unable to resolve on your own, then this would be the right place to ask a question.

Good luck.

Yeah going with one level is the way. All you really need is a dark level with a spawn point for the characters with some light, maybe a particle system to have some nice effects on change. Let me know what you come up with.

Hi DonBusso, I can already create widgets, my first thought was if I had different levels and when you click on the button it opens the level with that character. But then I got a problem the music started al the time again and again. so I tried out the persistent level that also didn’t work. now I want to create one level where you can change the character mesh while clicking on the button.
![alt text][1]