I want each button to have its own unique sound

I have 5 buttons. They are located in separate ChildBlueprintClasses. Buttons already can toggle between 2 colors. I made it with Input Touch Event in a Pawn Class and Cast to Button’s Parent Class with Custom Event (Toggle Color). But now I want each button to have its own unique sound, so when I click it toggles and sounds. I have no idea how to make it. When I do make a Custom Even in a Parent Class - Play Sound at Location, I can only attach only one sound. But I need to have 5 different sounds separately for each button. Please help))) Thanx in advance!

Make the custom event “Play Sound” in the parent actor, make the sound a variable. Then in the child actors just change the variable “Sound” to whatever sound you want. No casting necessary.

Thank you. I 've created Custom Event like on the first Screenshot and made a Variable through adding a component, cuz otherwise I couldn’t see variables in Child Class.
Then I changed in each Child Class a sound, like on a second Screenshot. When I’m starting a Level, all the sounds play at the same time, and after when I am clicking on different buttons, I do get only one sound, that belongs to Button_01. What I am doing wrong)))?

Also, for this kind of thing, you can use an sound cue, much easier than doing it in BP:

I made Another custom event)) Just Play, and everything working now))) Thanx for helping)))

Oh. Awesome, going to try it now.