I want do play with this forever

I’m mesmerized, addicted and confused.
Started learning UE for some “serious” apllications in the GIS area. But now I totally see that real world subjects are just too boring for UE.
Now I just want to think about alien worlds, dystopias and other stuff that are truly not boring.

I dunno about alien, but this is a super cool and impressive way to visualize contours.

Yeah realized that while trying to fix line/mesh some segments being buried on the surface. This floating state looks really didactic to explain what topographic isolines are. Added this new possibility to my toolset -> GitHub - Rodrigo-NH/UE4HmapsGenerator: Unreal Engine 4 scripts to: prepare and tile from SRTM (and others) DEM to UE heightmaps keeping real world dimensions and proportions. Create landscape materials. Assign landscape materials to tiles among other tools.

Its very mesmerizing indeed. Definitely another dimension. How can we get this into our Multi-dimensional FPS Game?

Hey TechLord. I was checking about Ruckus. Looks like quite interesting stuff. I’m really new to UE so I’m not sure how to answer you. A suggestion may be: What I need to do from now to accomplish what you have in the mind right now? I see Ruckus based on existing assets. Not sure that’s what you mean? To have that published as asset? Please enlighten me if you can. On this matter, stuff I’m doing is about a Python workflow with tools (and probably more to come on that line). By the other hand I see that diving into the C++ API is the way to go. So that’s. Just trying to discover everything.

Sorry for the confusion. I was just saying that is some cool content and that sort of effect would be welcomed in the surreal alien environment for Ruckus. I’m all for procedurally generated content.

I was not referring to Ruckus being made with marketplace stuff, although, I always encourage devs to publish something to the marketplace. If you were to pursue the marketplace, it would have to be in the form of C++ Plugin or Blueprint. I personally only implement C++ in my projects in the form of plugins to keep things modular.

Keep up the amazing work.

Right!. Thanks for explaining and details. Yeah I’m far from anything too engaging as I’m at point 0 along the spline :slight_smile:

Good luck!