I want client to do sequence from dedicated server!plz!

I’m trying to send the image from the server to the client in near real time, but I could probably store the image in a replicated variable (I know that I can’t actually send it for display. I do not know) but I do not know how to display on the image (widget) on the client side.
Right now,
It looks like this and GetMadeGUI above (impossible to call the function name) (img1) img1 img2 of texture 2d dynamic? In Image1 and Image2 of the Image widget that is already prepared on the client side
Variables are replicated, but what’s wrong?
Answer Thank you.

By the way, to explain this (other) sequence of process flow (what you intend to process),
I wanted to be able to pick up the images directly from within the game, so there is a “makeGUI” that handles the pick-up, and a completely different widget “madeGUI” that reflects what is processed there,
Screenshot - b9a82c9088283762cebe0edd61d28e26 - Gyazo (This is a process only until the image below is executed by inputting the text image Path. There are two text boxes (where you want to display the image))
Screenshot - 22bb66fba806146cc8bd7971fb46c810 - Gyazo
In this image (makeGUI), after creating Path (show madeGUI) in the path of the image input in the text box (once you are not familiar with the GUI)
https://gyazo.com/29d360a046c7c2a07489e6548525726 (connect to this drawImage)
The image of Path is actually downloaded from path and substituted into replicated variables image1 and image2 in madeGUI.

After that I said earlier
The processing on this image (processing to be executed by pressing another button) is reflected (made) on the client’s madeGUI, but it is not reflected.

It’s like this in detail.

Thank you very much.

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