I want C++ in my game instead of blueprints?

Hello. I recently started to decide to switch to unreal from unity. With unity, I got C#(slight) knowledge, but not C++. It feels like if I go to college just to learn C++, im wasting my time. Is there any source where I can learn C++ then Unreal C++?

There are quite a few good books to start with:

  • C++ Primer Plus
  • C++ How to Program (9th edition or higher)
  • C++ Programming: Program Design Including Data Structures (8th edition)

More advanced:

  • Effective Modern C++

However, depending on you ability to learn and previous programming knowledge, tutorials like and are more than enough to give you the basics you need to understand C++ before jumping to C++ in UE4.

To learn UE4 with C++, I recommend a course check this thread:…earn-c-for-ue4

May I ask on how did you learn C++? Because by me going to college for this coding stuff is a complete waste of time

Yes, college is a complete wast of time and money.

I learned C++, back in the 90’s, with Borland’s Turbo C++. I learned it, the same way I learned Pascal and C: using the IDE’s help and the examples that came with it. No books (no money to buy one and our town’ library was ****) and no internet. Back then, you were basically on your own: it was just a question of will.
After a couple of years, I was able to get some books to fill the gaps.

Can you give me some sources on those? I can’t really find them on google

On what exactly? The books or Borland’s products?

Note: about the previous list of books, replace the C++ Primer Plus for the C++ Primer by Lippman. Sometimes I confuse both titles. The Plus one sucks.

Pretty much any book that can give me EVERYTHING I need to know about C++. Not just the basics, EVERYTHING.

C++ is not Python or Go. You can spent 20 years learning it and still fail to grasp its capabilities.
Any of those books I sggested and even the tutorials will give you all the basis you need to dive and understand C++ in UE4. If you already have some basics of programming you can easily get through any one of them in less than a week.

You really want to move to UE4 as soon as possible, and not be stuck in a learning hell.

True. So the books are the only option?

They are the best way to systematically learn the language. Just remember, no matter the process of learning, you must do 3 things: experiment, experiment and experiment.

Yea. Thanks for giving the sources

I would suggest that you take a look at

Won’t the Cherno project go over everything about C++?