I want button widget to use spawn actor. please help

I designed widget is click button widget and stage bottom clicked and this location spawn actor
I try by various means but not working please help me

Could you post more details? Because for spawn an actor you just need something like this:

Class is the class of the actor that you want to spawn
Spawn transform is the transform that set the location,rotation and scale of that actor
Spawn even if colliding tell the system to spawn the actor even if it collides with something else

If you post some screenshot about your problem i will be happy to help you.


So you want that the user press the button, then click somewhere in the map and where he clicked will be spawned an actor?

yes you understand!

Perfect. I will create a script for you as soon as I can.

Thank you! you are good man!

Here i am:

Tell me if that helped you.

you are code very helped me but i want use various button
ex) 1 button → 1 actor spawn
2 button → 2 actor spawn
how can i comunication between button widget and playercontroller ?

For communicate between widget and player controller you just have to do:

Get player controller → cast to xxxx

where xxxx is the name of your controller class

very very thank you so much finally working i want function
you are good man

No problem, if that solved your problem could you mark that as answer, please?