I want build UI, but it has some problem.

I follow the steps on the official Documentation, only one different is I use the character that I create it.
But I got one problem like the following photo, I don’t know how to fix it.
My English is not very good. Hope you guys can help me.

Delete the offending node and the NewVars_ from the variable list on the far. Right click the blue Third Person Character pin and Promote to Variable - don’t forget to give it a cool name.

But I use my own character not the Third Person Character.
If I set that, it won’t happen anything on My Character.
But I set My Character, it will get the error like the photo.

Why are you casting to the Third Person Character then in your original screenshot? Cast to MyCharacter class if that’s what you’re currently using.

Also, I do not see MyCharacter in the World Outliner - do you spawn it dynamically?

It’s work! Thanks you so much.

But, how do I set MyCharacter spawn it not the dynamically?

Drag it into the world from the Content Browser and it will spawn at Player Start.

Like this? But it becomes two character

You don’t need to drag one in if you have a player start and the game mode is set to “My Character” as the default. This is why you get 2, the first you dragged in, the second the game mode spawned at “player start”.

OK, I got it. Thanks for you guys help. ^^