I wanna know How to use UE5's detail optimizing to the fullest

So I use Max + Blender to make assets and then export it to UE4 (when there was no UE5) and I had to optimize every asset and bring it down to under 1M Poly, But now that there’s UE5 I wanna make a pipeline (If that’s what it’s called) so I can make asset in max and export it to UE5 without optimizing

I have no idea if That’s possible, archviz has lots of details specially when it comes to furniture and vegetation which is really bad for someone like me who has a mid pc and wants to make walkthrough from UE5

so, Is it possible to export one thing at a time like a cushion of 50k poly and then have it placed in UE5, cuz I’m sure if I tried to make array of it in Max then it’d probably crash

I know it’s kind of beginner question but Thank You.

Yes, you can use 50k for a cushion. Just activate Nanite for each high poly object. It’s per mesh and it is off by default.

Thanks a lot man, thanks to that this time I’m gonna add unoptimised objects, can’t wait to see how it looks specially with Nanite