I used the 'showmousecursor' function, but the mouse cursor doesn't appear on the screen.

First, I’m learning from ‘Blueprint Game Framework Basics’.
In the video, I tried to use the mouse cursor with the start button from the main menu as ‘showmousecursor’ and apply it to the game clear screen.

This picture is an example of a video.
I can’t see the mouse cursor even if I capture it, so I didn’t attach it, but I can see the mouse cursor well with the buttons.
This is in the MenuPlayerController(it means playercontroller for Menu screen).
Those buttons are in the ‘widgetmainmenu’ UI widget blueprint.

And this picture is what I added.
This is in the NewPlayerController(it means playercontroller for the game).
When I turn this on, I keep seeing the mouse cursor. When play games, it have to click and drag the mouse to play a game. In other words, it doesn’t disappear. However, I can’t see the mouse cursor on the clear screen.
The game clear condition is to collect coins and crash the portal.
When testing, the clear screen comes out if the conditions are met.
In conclusion, what I want to do is to see the mouse cursor on this clear screen as if it were from the main screen.

Grammar can be strange using a translator. If you don’t understand, I’ll leave a comment again.

Hi man,
yes the translator is a bit messy, next time make shorter statement, with commas,

In your screenshot , the node “Show mouse cursor” have no target
as far as i know,
the node should have a target “playercontroller”
see in this link show mouse cursor - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

why you dont have it ?
are you using an old unreal4?

oh… The video provided by ue4 is from 2015.