I use my ram 4gb with processor speed 1.7ghz whether i will use 8gb ram it is usefull to run ue4?

Hai i use my laptop i3 with 4th gen of processor speed 1.7ghz with 4gb ram but sometimes it will show me a dialog box as out of memory please save your file and close your program….whether i can use 8gb ram it will run ue4?

Check out the recommended specifications at - Supported Graphics Drivers on Linux | Unreal Engine Documentation

8GB Ram
DX11 GPU (you didn’t specify your GPU but I imagine it’s not DX11)

Even if you upgrade your RAM you will most likely still have problems.

I used an i5\ 8Gb RAM \ Intel HD Graphics 5500 laptop while travelling and it was not a great experience for me.

Well 8GB is ofcourse alot more, and im sure you will notice a different.

Alltough 1.7Ghz processor isnt much to play around with. I Assume you dont have an extrenal graphics card in your laptop since you didnt say how much vram you got.
But if you are planning to make low graphical games like 2D sidescrollsers or mobile games then you might be good to go anyways.

It sounds odd that you must turn of the program just because you run out of ram tough. that should not happend.
It sounds more like you are running out of CUDA Cores Memory witch is a Graphics Card Issue.

If im right and its the CUDA and not the ram then adding more ram wont fix the issue sry.

Sorry for Bad English.

Thank you :heart::heart: