I try to upload to Google Play Store [SOLVED]

My game it’s little bit bigger, so after i pack it the file are:
MyGame.aab - 94 mb
MyGame.apk - 94 mb
MyGame.obb - 180 mb

I upload to Google only .aab file, and was approved.
But when i want to play the game, i’ve got this error:

No Google Play Store Key
No OBB found and not store key to try to download.
Please set one up in Android Project Settings.

If i try to package inside to .apk, the game exceed 150mb, and Google will not let me upload.
In Google Play Console i have no place to upload .obb file.

So big question is, WHERE i upload .obb file, so the user can download and play it?

I finaly fix it!!
OBB was change it with PAD

Or see this video

This Is What I Did lol Cool

How did you get your install-time asset to work? How did you attach it to you AAB? I am so at a loss. Everyone says it just works, but it does not for me.

" If you want to use Google PAD for install-time assets, you also need to navigate to Platforms > Android > APK Packaging and disable Package Data inside APK . The main .obb file will then be delivered as an install-time asset pack automatically."

Low and behold it does not do this automatically.

but how can I upload obb file on google play console, I don’t see anywhere to upload.