I tried to play FortNite BR on my new PC but it wont work is it because i also played it on my xbox one?

My xbox one had FortNite it’s a really good game but I just recently tried getting it on my new PC and it will say “Your account can not play on this platform. Please contact customer support” Why is that?

I have the exact same problem! Have you found a solution?

I also have this problem does anyone have an answer or idea of how to fix it?

same:( please tell me how to fix it

I have that problem also

same problem

I have that same problem. Fix this epic games

Fortnight help. the link provided is to the fortnight support page / faq. you are more likely get better help there. this is the unreal engine answerhub and is really more about development within the engine.

I have the same problem. I would suggest contacting customer support too but I tried 4 days ago asking about it and they haven’t gotten back to me. I’m guessing they’re just busy or maybe they don’t know why that’s happening. Who knows.

i have many times I think 3 times

i have such the same problem

same but on my iPhone

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