I tried to place a mesh and the editor freezes

Hi , well i been having this problem but not just the meshes but with the terrain editor…i downloaded the free enviroment content from the market (open world demo collection)and when im trying to use some of the trees of that content or the textures the UE4 frezzes at the point that i have to turn off my computer…i dont know what could be happening this are my computer details
CPU: AMD a10 7800 radeon R7 (4 cpu cores 8 gpu cores)
motherboard gigabyte F2A68HM-H
memory : 5066MBytes
Graphics:AMD Radeon R7 graphics

Thanks all for reading!(and sorry for the english)

Hello Utheren,

This content is very high fidelity and meant for extremely high end machines. Load times of up to an hour are expected when opening maps and content for the first time. As an example, this project was created using dual Titan X cards.

This is a known issue, which is why we warn users in the description within the ‘Learn’ tab. Please also have 4GB of free space on your Harddrive to accommodate the DerivedDataCache created by the content.

Although your computer is frozen or hangs, it is actually still calculating and will eventually load. It might just take a longer than expected time.

Thank you,

Thanks for the quick answer andrew, i suspected that was something from that pack because when i use the “regular” textures go smoothly,well i guess that ill have to use the regular textures.

Thank you andrew!