I took 3,057 photos, why my realitycapture only imported 2,500 photos?

I bought the realitycapture software on steam. In a recent project, we took 3,057 photos, but the software only imported 2,500 photos, unable to read more photos, and dragged the remaining photos into the software. Any reaction, please tell us what is the reason, thank you

hello, we have received your message also via our contact form,

the Steam license is restricted to 2,500 images and/or laser scans per project, it is stated in the product description: https://store.steampowered.com/app/489180/RealityCapture/

Which version should I purchase to support more photos?

perpetual or any of the CLI product versions here: https://www.capturingreality.com/my.buy
comparison: https://www.capturingreality.com/Product#Compare

EDIT: PGM license does also come with the 2,500 limit

PGM is also limited to 2,500 images or has this limitation changed?

PGM Version should be unlimited for this price tag!

you are right, Frank, sorry for the incorrect information