I think there is a bug, input mode ui only makes inputaxis value stuck

I got the same problem that in this URL:Set input mode UI only makes inputAxis Value stuck - Unreal Engine Forums

I set a trigger box, when my character overlap, it will show a widget (like tutorial\dialog or something). Then I “set input mode UI only”, when widget finished, “set input mode Game Only” or “set input mode Game And UI” .

and such as: when I hold the “A” to move my character, axis value is 1. then my character trigger the widget and input mode is “UI only”, the input Axis Value will stuck in 1. Then I “set input mode Game Only”, and now my character move auto.

Until I press “A” and release it again.

And now I slove it but I don’t think it is a good way: I discarded the original function, always set it to “Game And UI” and set a bool to control my character run or not.

I think it should have a better solution.

You can create a new bool variable “ShowWidget?” (or call it whatever you want) and when you show the widget set to true and when you close to false.
In every movement input just check if ShowWidget? bool is false (or create macro).

Yes, Thanks your help, and I already use this solution. But I think it is a bug. So, No simple way to solve it?