I think I accidentally made a game


I know what your thinking, how can you make a game by accident?

well I started out with chiken for UE4.1, I wanted to learn more about BP’s/materials… so I start taking it apart/remaking a few assets/ adding some sound and I was looking at it today and realized I had basically made an entirly new game.

here’s a vid of it.

now dont get me wrong I know its not that good and the video is a bit glitchy due to camstudio but as you can see it plays ok and all the buttons work (I linked the rate button to google just for testing:p). you can also see I’m terrible at playing it, couldnt even get the bronze medal;). the only 2 things I can think of that I havent done is a splash screen and an icon.

so what do you think?, would you say its a compete game?

cool that’s the chiken next-gen

Best thread-title ever :smiley:

:smiley: Never happened to me before, but your accidentally game looks pretty cool. How do you control the jump height of the char?

Nice job! I bet your learning tons about Blueprints too.

Great stuff !

I think you should accidentally continue doing what you’re obviously doing so well!

never happened to me before either:)

I am using 2 events I called jump and drop, they both use a timeline to make the player go up/down, the jump event is trigger by pressing the button and drop is triggered when the button is released, I used the jump timelines finished node to trigger the drop event as well. even though is a 2D game I’m pretty sure it could be used for 3D games as well.


yep:D, just off the top of my head here is a quick list of stuff I learned , how to create a basic save game object, how to set one variable with another variable/bool/event or function, how to create and use bools/conditions with branch nodes, how to create and call events and functions, how to destroy actors, how to use material parameters in BP’s, how to create MID’s, how to make animated 2D sprites using timelines, how to make animated/functional buttons (I could probably make a complete menu system for a game using only BP’s), how to use sound cues and change volume, and how to create and use timelines (although I think timelines could use an upgrade:)), I also managed to get a medal system up and running with what I learned, there is more but that’s all I can think of right now:D.

thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll try;)

Cool! You can add some Super Mario elements to it. More challenging blueprint stuff to come that way. :slight_smile:

could you accidentally make my game too please?

is actually a very good twist !

Great job! thanks for share information about new game.

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Thread lives up to the title, haha! Awesome work

Great work ! It is funny how you looked into the Chicken Blueprints and materials just to learn and then you came out with your own game.

I agree with . Please continue having awesome accidents. :slight_smile:


thanks sean, it is funny but also a welcome suprise:D

well accidents do happen;)

since game is about 98-99% finished I have decided to complete it, all I need to do is make the splash screen/icons/remake the footsteps sound and tweak a few values and it should be done, I might even try to release it:)

Haha, nice one! That is a great way to learn.

thanks shane:)

small update.

today I tried to cook a version of Gap Jump for windows so I could test it, here is the result.


while camstudio still makes it look a bit glitchy and I still suck at it:p, I think it worked pretty well, I have noticed a few small issues though.

1: there is a weird visual glitch (line) in the middle of the screen, it only seems to affect the fence.

2: I made an icon for it but when I tried to use the . file UE4 says it doesn’t support the file format.

3: the game is 117MB, witch seems large (also the DDC.ddp file is 818MB as well witch seems very large as chickens is only 5.55MB)

4: I couldn’t test the IAD’s banner stuff, because my is not an I-device:)

5: the post’s get destroyed to early, although that’s an easy fix.

6: I am bad at playing it even though I made it, I know not really an but its still annoying;)

that’s all for now.

nice one , i wish i was that good, never even though about trying some thing like

thanks geodav, I hadn’t thought about trying something like either;)