I still have a love-hate relationship with Ben Affleck playing as Batman. Any thoughts?

On a fine workday, thoughts are swimming in my head and I’m still arguing with myself if I’d dig Ben Affleck being the Bat.
Let’s all be honest, when people say “Ben Affleck” who is the first character to cross your mind? DAREDEVIL. Right? I also kind of think that he was a terrible Daredevil before. I mean, he’s not a bad actor, he played really well in The Town, Argo and Gone Girl. Yet he has this forever grieving look on his face that makes him perfect for the Bat’s nonchalant expression. I guess fans just couldn’t let go of the fact that Bale is out as the Bat. And remember when everybody said that Heath Ledger’s gonna be a **** Joker?

Any thoughts?

I can’t pass any judgements on Batfleck until I see the film. Yeah, he has had his bad movies, but so have a lot of other great actors. He’s been in some of my favorite films such as Chasing Amy and The Town. Apparently this is supposed to be a different, older Bruce Wayne than what we have seen before on screen so I will give him a chance.

I agree.
Let’s not pass judgement until we know it is bad…

But still… BEN AFFLECK?!

P.S. Adam west… :stuck_out_tongue:

Based on the characters he’s played and his acting style and can conclude one thing for myself:

Ben Afflack will probably be a convincing Batman, but he will not be a convincing Bruce Wayne (to me, the one thing that counts; anyone can dress up in a suit, but if the actor can’t get the human aspect down…).

But, made that’s just because I’ve never really connected to any of his movies.

If Adam West could do it however…

~ Jason

He’s pretty good and I admire him to almost give the middle finger to everyone and direct some very good movies…he tried to do something that could’ve bury him forever when he was at his worst ( career wise speaking ), but he made it and now he’s probably at his best.

I’m very curious to see how he’ll play Bruce Wayne, I only hope that the script for his character will be well written…we’ll see, but for now the idea of his being Batman sounds good…and I really hope that this movie won’t be a gigantic mess as Man of Steel

@dennisetan: Daredevil overall is not so bad, but only if you watch the directors cut version…what we saw when it was released was a botched version…anyway, thats was 2003…lots of things changed since then

Anyway, from my point of view, It’s obvious that Ben Afflack is a great actor for Batman.
PS He is my favourite actor and I like all the characters he’s played