I sthere a way to scatter models?

I’m wondering if UE4 already has a tool built in that could help scatter models throughout a scene. One way I’ve seen before was using a brush that “paints” the models randomly wherever you pass it over. it would also randomly rotate and scale the meshes as it created them.
I’m trying to create a wooded level, and am looking for an easier way to populate it that doesn’t include laying out every single model.

The Foliage Tool is what you are looking for :slight_smile:

Also, if there’s some models that you don’t want to place with the foliage tool, you can do a physics simulation and save the positions, nice for rocks, logs, bricks, etc. You can also combine clusters of those static meshes together if you want to make a pile of bricks and trash for example.

Or you can do some crazy procedural generation with blueprints.