I Spawn an actor in server, but in client,it's Role is simulatedproxy, How to let client's Role become autonomousproxy?

How to do this,without playercontroller possess this actor,thank you.

I think with AActor::SetOwner. I am not sure.

It can’t work.

There is a simple function for that:


Note: this gets automatically called when you possess a Pawn.

can’t work too.This can change the remoterole in server,but the role of the client still is simulatedproxy

Yes, call SetAutonomousProxy on the server.

	UPROPERTY(Replicated, transient)
	TEnumAsByte<enum ENetRole> RemoteRole;

RemoteRole is replicated and will be replicated to all clients and therefore just work.

For more stuff on that, you can see how APawn::PossessedBy(AController* NewController) is implemented.