I sincerely hope that UE4 have a "Asset Store" like unity3D!!

Sorry,I didn’t know what MARKETPLACE is a while ago.
I believe that MARKETPLACE will be a great place for people to share resources…

I’d love to see some evidence of the success of Unity asset store, because I read a complete contradictory post a while ago on cg hub.
The problem being that many up-loaders to Unity are just amateur kids who just disappear a few months later, so if you’ve paid for something that’s not quite finished or buggy, you’ve basically lost your money!
The asset store I’d encourage would be completely free! :cool:

Holy big font Batman!

I was under the impression that the Marketplace Epic has set up will be similar to the Asset Store in Unity. I definitely look forward to more stuff in there. Especially that showcase or whatever it’s called they showed at GDC. :wink:

This is what the MARKETPLACE will be :slight_smile:

Sorry,I didn’t know what MARKETPLACE is a while ago.I believe that MARKETPLACE will be a great place for people to share resources.

Sorry,I didn’t know what MARKETPLACE is a while ago.
I believe that MARKETPLACE will be a great place for people to share resources.:slight_smile:

Seems like a bit of a conflicting statement. If its only free working professionals will avoid it and will only be amateur kids. If people are willing to pay then people will put in quality time. I’ll give an example. I know a guy that was a character modeler for Borderlands 2 but he went independent because he could make more money making DOTA 2 character models and assets. He would not have done that for free.

Comming from the unity community, i can confirm it is awesome and its unity’s biggest success in my opinion.
This is what made unity so easy to learn and use, because people made some awesome tools as a direct result of needs and provide support for them. Not only are some of the tools used in more than 80% games made with unity, but assets and shaders and other amazing stuff are popping on a daily basis as well. With unreal’s sours code I can only but imagine the crazy stuff well be able to get/buy, both from indies and from large companies! Exiting times ahead! Please epic open the gates asap!

Totally agree… I know the asset store in Unity for quite some time and you will barely find anything useful in there. Most of it is straight out ****, sorry. I am only doing this for hobby too, and its useless for me already, which is kinda sad. Its the same for most other sites too, like TurboSquid or Daz3D. But they at least give you search feature to find high quality content as well. Otherwise I don’t see the point in doing a Unity asset store for UE4. You shouldn’t use UE4 if any of the 90% of stuffs in the Unity asset store is of any value to you ;). It makes no sense. UE4 is awesome, but its also a very high-end engine, despite its much better accessibility than UDK. I hated UDK, so thats where I come from and I love UE4. Please no such asset store for UE4.

BUT BUT: It would be cool to get more of those great assets that are already there from Epic Games or any other major studio could release sneak peaks of their game content to the public. Like an animated batman or catwomen from Arkham City etc. I think those would sell like hell. I would definitely pay 100 EUR or more for such assets and I just use them for hobby pleasure ;).

Yeah thats basically what I want to see… Big games studio releasing some of their epic stuff in the market place (preferably free yes, but you know the world we live in… free xD). Besides that the community could build some OpenSource stuff around the engine.

I really think Epic Games has set the initial tone of the Marketplace with their high quality assets and they would do good at either only letting established artists and studio publish there or at least do a good review and zensorship to establishe a high-quality asset store.

The asset store as a concept is great, and as bigzer said it’s one of Unity’s big successes. From a consumer perspective there IS a lot of junk on the store, but there is a lot of great stuff as well which adds a lot of equity to using Unity as a system. They were very smart to open up access to their users and to provide not just a marketplace, but a way for their users to actually make money with Unity!

Everyone dreams of making it big with the next biggest game. It’s unlikely, but not impossible. But what is extremely unlikely is to make the next biggest game without a seriously huge investment of your time and resources. The asset store allows people to make some money without the same investment of time and resources. It’s allowed me and many other people to focus on specific aspects of gaming and design and supply solutions to the community, and make money doing it.

the Utopian idea of providing useful tools to the community for free is awesome and I can support it as an idea… but for me in my situation I would not be able to contribute my time and resources to building these things if there was no money incentive to do it. Unity realized this earlier than most, and made it possible, which is one reason that they became as popular as they have. I hope UE4 takes this idea to heart.