I set up sprinting with a slot in the animGraph, now I can't seem to get any new animation montages to work

I set up sprinting via animation montage and slots in the animGraph so I could map the sprint action to a button and have it drain the stamina system I set up. All of that is working great, however, now I want to do the same with a dodge/roll animation I’ve done the same way, but it refuses to work. I’ve also tried to set the roll as a state machine without any success. I’ve been using Unreal for about a week and a half now, I’ve watched the base Unreal tutorials and they haven’t helped me find a workaround, so I would really appreciate it if someone could help me! I want to add another half dozen attack animation etc, so this is completely halted my workflow. Thanks!

PS this is for a 3rd person action game, so replacing the animation with a launch function isn’t viable

You shouldn’t cache your slot animation in that manner, I suspect the issue would happen as a result of being unable to use multiple slot animations at once and the cache already having one applied prevents another from functioning.

It should look like:

  1. Default Locomotion → Locomotion Cache

  2. Use cached pose ‘Locomotion Cache’ → Slot ‘RunSlot’ → Slot ‘dodgeRollSlot’ → Final Animation Pose