I see that '4.19.2 Hotfix Released' THAT'S GREAT BUT:

What do I do with this information? I clicked on the post and it had zero information about HOW or WHERE to get this fix! So,. ???

Help :slight_smile:


all updates for binary installations are through the launcher. go to library and up top all your engine installs are displayed, on the 4.19.1 there will be a button that says update.

After reloading the launcher several times and allowing it to install the latest update, there doesn’t seem to be a 4.19.2 patch anymore. I guess it was pulled as there seems to be a lot of complaints about it.

seems to be working now?

Still not showing after a full reload for me. Not that I’m super impressed with the launcher or anything, one of my clients came back to his computer to find the launcher using 70% CPU and almost all of his GPU. He thinks it might be mining bitcoin.

there is no way epic would put a bitcoin miner in the launcher, the company would collapse overnight if they did. more likely, your client has picked malware up from another dodgy source and it has attached to the launcher and probably every other bit of software on the PC. that’s a user problem, not an epic problem.

I think a better explanation would be that he was joking. But the launcher was using that much CPU and GPU time all on its own. It has problems.