i searching about group to make popular games :)

If you think you have the efficiency but you don’t ideas that make your game popular
Here we are here to complete each other :slight_smile:
I’m Mohammed
i few months i think about Developing games , i have amazing ideas and more what distinguishes it unique
then i learn how to develop games , but after time I discovered myself
i’m not useful in programming or design because this not i feel my talent
my talent is Creativity
i can crazy ideas , imagine what make fun and unique , i useful in side my mind and I really Enjoy !
really this my world
i hope to work with any group
i swear i feel we’ll reach to make popular games
beacuse we’ll complete each other
thank u and think alot :slight_smile:
also u can test me :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums. May I suggest you check out the looking for talent section. People are always in need of good ideas to bounce around :slight_smile: